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San Juan Beach. All you need to know.

All the information you need to experience San Juan Beach in Alicante. Quality, services, activities and much more.

Image of San Juan Beach: the beach appears clean and empty, with golden, soft sand stretching along the coast. The crystal-clear blue sea reflects the sunlight, creating a calm and serene atmosphere. On the horizon, the clear sky blends with the ocean, and there are no people or litter, highlighting the natural beauty of the place.

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San Juan Beach is one of the longest beaches in all of Spain and one of the most emblematic sites in Alicante.

A paradisiacal place that catches everyone’s attention and everyone wants to visit once they know about it.

There are even many people who come and say it reminds them of California because of the long promenade next to the sand and the palm trees. Definitely a place you have to see.

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San Juan Beach - Reviews and Ratings

4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 4,090 reviews on Google Maps.

Address: Avenida de Niza, 03540 Alicante, Spain

Coordinates: 38.376389, -0.407803

Where is San Juan Beach and how to get there

San Juan Beach is located in the town of San Juan de Alicante, in the province of Alicante, Spain. To get to this impressive beach, there are several options.

alicante beach, postiguet

How to get to san juan beach from alicante

  • By Tram: You can take tram lines L1, L3, or L4, which will take you directly to San Juan Beach. The nearest stop is “Playa de San Juan”.
  • By Car: From Alicante, take the N-332 road north towards Campello. Follow the signs to San Juan Beach.
  • Walking: You can walk north from the Postiguet beach and if you follow the coastal promenade you will reach San Juan, from where you can get to the beach.

How to get to San Juan beach from Campello

  • By Tram: You can take tram line L3, which connects Campello with San Juan Beach.
    The nearest stop to the beach is “Playa de San Juan”.
    You can also use tram line L1, which will drop you off in the same area.
  • By Car: From Campello, take the N-332 road south towards Alicante. Follow the signs to San Juan Beach.
  • Walking: If you prefer to walk, you can follow the promenade from Campello southward until you reach San Juan Beach.

Cleanliness and safety at San Juan Beach

San Juan Beach is known for its impeccable cleanliness and high safety standards. Regularly awarded the Blue Flag, this distinction certifies the quality of the water, environmental management, and safety. During the high season, teams of professional lifeguards watch over the beach, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy the sea with peace of mind. Additionally, there are numerous trash cans and cleaning services that ensure a litter-free environment.


❗Note: Nevertheless, it is advisable to always keep personal belongings in sight and not to neglect them, as some occasional thefts have been reported during the summer and peak season.

Climate and temperature at San Juan Beach

The climate at San Juan Beach is typically Mediterranean, with over 300 days of sunshine per year. Summer temperatures range between 25°C and 30°C, providing perfect conditions for enjoying the sea and sun. Winters are mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C, making the beach an attractive destination all year round.

Areas and points of interest at San Juan Beach


San Juan Beach offers a variety of areas and points of interest that complement its natural beauty and make it a comprehensive destination for visitors. Here are some highlights:

  • Promenade: The iconic promenade is lined with restaurants and bars offering delicious local cuisine and panoramic sea views.

  • Calisthenics Park: Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy outdoor facilities for training in the Calisthenics Park, located near the beach.
  • Sports Area: For sports enthusiasts, the beach volleyball area is ideal for enjoying exciting matches under the Mediterranean sun.
  • Walk to the Albufereta Beach: The scenic route winding between cliffs and stunning landscapes offers a unique experience for walkers.
  • Cabo de las Huertas Lighthouse: The area around the Cabo de las Huertas lighthouse invites visitors to explore a protected natural environment and enjoy panoramic views of the Alicante coastline.
  • Beach Bars (Chiringuitos): North of San Juan Beach, towards Campello, you’ll find a series of beach bars where you can enjoy refreshing drinks, delicious snacks, and live music.

    But if you want to know the best beach bar in Alicante, it’s Moana, located on Campello Beach.

Services at San Juan Beach


San Juan Beach is equipped with a wide range of services to ensure visitors’ comfort:

  • Showers and public restrooms
  • Children’s play areas
  • Rental of umbrellas and lounge chairs
  • Accessibility for people with reduced mobility
  • Lifeguards
  • Surveillance
  • First aid
  • Free-to-use tents with wooden flooring

What can you do at San Juan Beach


  • Sunbathe and relax on the warm golden sand.
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the extensive coastline.
  • Practice a wide range of sports, from running along the shore to doing calisthenics in the nearby park.
  • Join a professional team or participate in informal beach volleyball matches.
  • Immerse yourself in the serenity of yoga in public spaces with wooden flooring.
  • Try your luck at surfing and enjoy the exciting waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Have a beer or coffee at the beachfront bars.

Quality of San Juan Beach


San Juan Beach stands out for its quality in all aspects. The combination of its clean waters, well-maintained services, and safe environment make it one of the best beaches in Spain. The constant renewal and improvement of its facilities reflect the commitment to maintaining high quality standards for visitors.

History of San Juan Beach


San Juan Beach, located between Alicante and Campello, is known for its stretch of over 6 kilometers, divided equally between both towns. At one point in history, the beach suffered from sand loss due to tides, leading to a renovation project that added more sand, making it one of the longest and widest beaches in Spain. This renovation effort has strengthened San Juan Beach’s position as a reference destination on the Costa Blanca, combining history, natural beauty, and fun in a unique setting that attracts visitors from around the world.

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